Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Worth Having

Today is a first in a couple of ways. Today marks the first blog to be written by a Schmidt, and Today more importantly marks the first day after our FIRST SONOGRAM!! Gaylen and I, after a restless night before, woke up to crashing thunder and lighting, which for us, was just a grand beginning for what was to come. God was ringing his loudest natural anthem and flashing his brightest most intense light! Gaylen has been great during her first 11 weeks of pregnancy, and if you know my wife at all, you know that she was worried-no morning sickness, no nausea, really nothing at all aside from an occasional headache and heartburn episode- so something must have been wrong! And as a side note, I would like to add that this was my frist visit to an OBGYN, needless to say, I literally chewed my lip raw trying to hold back the laughter that was about to erupt to cover up the awkwardness! The last step before Gaylen and I were finished, was the sonogram. Time slowed down, everything got quiet, and as our eyes started to fill with tears, BAM, there he/she was. A whopping 4 cm long, thats a large peanut, unroasted of course, and the heart and everything looked and sounded great! Things could not have gone better, (aside from my hand which Gaylen had ahold of like a gator has a chicken) and as we walked out of there on cloud nine, it set in-we were going to by parents!!

As for the blogging, we have had our reservations and have always said, once we have a baby on board, we would change our outlook. I have a tendancy of rambling on and writing things that after going back over, dont even make sense. So I imagine that our posts, or at least mine, will be few and far between until little Schmidt comes along. Who know, I may be struck with some piece of information that I feel both of you cant live without, but until then, TTFN.